448 pages with approximately 1700 colour photographs

Hardback with jacket
295mm x 255mm

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The Book

London Hidden Interiors reveals over 180 conserved interiors and celebrates their richness and diversity with nearly 1700 colour photographs. A collaboration with English Heritage, the authoritative text is written by Philip Davies, a former director of English Heritage while the photographs are largely the work of Derek Kendall, an English Heritage staff photographer for over 30 years. Many of the photographs were taken especially for this book and most have never been seen before.

This book would not have been possible without English Heritage whose work of conservation first assured the preservation of these remarkable spaces and then ensured that they would, in some way, be accessible to the nation and the world even when in private ownership.

London Hidden Interiors is a very different ‘sequel’ from two previous books by Philip Davies, Lost London 1870-1945 and Panoramas of Lost London; these extensively illustrated books unlocked the historic archive of English Heritage to reveal in rare photographs a vanished past that re-booted the nation’s collective memory which had lost sight of the woes and wonders of the 19th century capital.

Moving from the lost to the saved was a natural progression for Philip Davies whose entire career has been taken up with conserving some of Britain’s most important architectural treasures.

Here he celebrates the success of the country’s conservation programme: these interiors are not just important for London but for the United Kingdom as a whole and for the world yet they are little known and rarely seen.