The Photographer

With over 40 years experience Derek Kendall is one of the most talented and respected Architectural and Fine Art photographers of his time. With his intimate knowledge of London’s built heritage and an exceptional eye for detail Derek’s pictures have graced the pages of over 60 authoritative publications. His exhibitions include The City of London Churches St Paul’s Cathedral and The West End Theatres at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Derek writes…

The images in this book are especially presented to all who call themselves ‘Londoners’ but they will appeal to all who have a curious nature and have perhaps toyed with the hope that the front door to that familiar place passed almost daily, would open, even if just a little, to peek inside. The images of this book capture that moment when someone visits for the first time – when their eyes are acclimatising and widening to peer into dark rooms with more and more details being revealed.  The photographic process I use mimics human vision by capturing ranges of exposures of the same scene to overlay into one frame. These layers of colour and detail are then selectively painted onto a new canvas to overcome the inherent capture limitations of the electro-mechanical camera. Many of the images are 170 degree views of the rooms and spaces which required up to 40 exposures giving coverage of height and width and depth of exposure. The resulting picture is in effect a scan of the room – a replication of the way we humans move our field of vision in an unfamiliar space.

This collection of photographs comes with a personal thank you to all the Londoners from across the globe who opened their doors and let me share their space.

“Next time you walk one of London’s streets just stop, pause and be curious, look and listen. When travelling a familiar route make a detour down a different street. Experience the moment because everything changes.”