Reviews for London Hidden Interiors

I am dazzled – positively dazzled... this is my book of the year, and you may quote me. I am just blown away to realize that I have walked past so many of these places without having any idea how fabulous they are within...congratulations on a superlative achievement
Bill Bryson

From the grandeur of Whitehall to an unremarkable high street in south London, a peek behind the capital's less well-known facades reveals an amazing architectural heritage that rivals some of its most visited and celebrated sites.
Guardian Online Travel

Lucy Worsley

Another triumph
Loyd Grossman


Reviews for Lost London

Here are 360 pages of sustained shock and awe ... in pin-sharp clarity.
Marcus Binney – The Times

This endlessly absorbing book that is at once a record of destruction, a haunting collection of relics and a door into the past.
John Carey – Sunday Times

Records the fragile, subjective beauty of London’s lost vernacular architecture in a wealth of precise and haunting photographs.
Gavin Stamp – Country Life

If the past is a foreign country this evocative and arresting book documents its capital city. Rowan Moore – Evening Standard


And Panoramas of Lost London

Many of the photographs are of great beauty in their direct simplicity, as though the images were breathed on to the page with no human intervention ... the book is a superb contribution to social history, the photos to be ‘read’ again and again.
Richard Shone – Spectator

These panoramic street scenes have a vivid but haunting quality; glimpses of a vanished world.
The Independent on Sunday

Subtle details are revealed … Truly revelatory.
The Observer

A glorious and monumental piece of work.
Bill Bryson